Giorgio Viola



Concept Artist for videogames, TV shows and movies.
Stoyboard artist


·  Lead concept artist and character designer in a 3d cgi movie produced in Italy (not released yet)

·  Contributor artist for the 3d Total texture CD’s

·  Illustrator and concept designer for brands like: Brail, Vodafone, Wind, Barilla and various national newspaper
·  Illustrator for the Italian cover of the book: Peter Pan and the starcatchers (Cover + 3D logo)

Computer Experience

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk 3ds MAX


2000 – Present

Character designer for web-based cartoons and games, Graphic designer for various indie clothing companies, Illustrator for web-based RPG, Comic artist for indie comics and contributor artist for, Colorist for indie comics, Lead concept artist for an animated CG movie, Background artist for several cartoons developed and broadcasted in Italy, Texture artist for the 3DTotal CDs collection, Illustrator for indie books projects.



Art School “Liceo artistico via di Ripetta” Rome, IT 1997-2001
Roman School of Comics, Rome, IT 2000-2002

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